The Morning Rant

The grift is axiomatic in the halls of Congress! The difference between the situation in Ukraine and the situation in Israel is obvious. Ukraine is in a messy border dispute with its very large neighbor. The “war” will go on for years unless Russia figures out how to finish it, but it is more of a see-saw than a real war. And it feeds the insanity of the warmongers in America (Lindsey Graham to the blood-red courtesy phone!) who want never-ending conflict for their 10% cut and to satisfy their masturbatory fantasies of America a policeman to the world.

Israel is in the first phase of an existential war against a new form of Islamic expansion…the move from small-scale terror attacks to battles with thousands of terrorists. Its existence is threatened, unlike Ukraine’s.

Israel need’s America’s help with resupply of vital materiel, intelligence, and the undeniable deterrent effect of a navy carrier group in the neighborhood!

Ukraine needs America for the cash. Europe is closer, is more immediately involved in the issue, and yet has paid only lip service and some aging armor.

‘Unconscionable’: House Republicans Slam Effort To Couple Aid To Israel With Aid To Ukraine

“I don’t support tying funding together for Israel and Ukraine. This administration always seems to try and find a work-around to get Ukraine their money. Israel is one of our strongest allies — Ukraine is not,” said Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee in a statement to the DCNF.

Wow…an unequivocal statement explaining why Israel matters and Ukraine doesn’t! Quick…call the Republican National Committee and get them to withdraw campaign funding!

From a realpolitik view, the return on investment in an Israeli war against Hamas (and maybe Hezbollah) is significant. It will degrade militant Islam’s capacity for attacks for many years, and possibly shift the paradigm in the West’s favor. What is the return on investment for America’s many billions of dollars shoveled into the corrupt stinkhole of Kiev? We lose control of modern weapons (some have already shown up elsewhere); we spend money we don’t have; we fund the globalist fever-dreams, and oh, by the way, we bog down Russia in a border dispute. Yeah…great! To what end? Russia is our enemy no matter what, and we have been poking the Bear for years by extending NATO closer and closer to them. Russia’s response is rational, and our shock at its behavior is naive and, frankly, embarrassingly stupid.

Stop funding the kleptocrats in Kiev, and concentrate on our real allies.