The Morning Report 10/12/23

Good morning, kids. The news never sleeps and even with everything going on in Israel and the world, a truly momentous story broke yesterday that is above-the-fold/stop-the-presses-worthy:

Bigfoot Caught on Video in Colorado Mountains

They don’t call this a smart military blog for nothing. I can see Victor Davis Hanson right now waiting with breathless anticipation how Ace’s acid-tongue will deal with this monumental story. Personally, I think it’s Michelle Obama who got lost on her way to her electrolysis appointment.

With that out of the way, we can get back to lighthearted, fluff, piffle, and triviality of the potential for Armageddon being touched off with a general war in the Middle East. For anyone who cannot comprehend what and who we are dealing with – and I mean “we” quite literally – the now verified reports of the beheading of infants in front of their parents, rapes and now burning alive via the Winnie Mandela “necklacing” of burning tires around the neck, this kind of puts things in focus:

An Irish father living in Israel revealed the agonizing joy he had when he learned his 8-year-old daughter was killed by Hamas terrorists while she attended a sleepover in the Be’eri Kibbutz.

“They just said, we found Emily, she’s dead and I went yes,” Thomas Hand told CNN on Wednesday. “I went yes, and smiled because that is the best news of the possibilities that I knew. The best possibility that I was hoping for.”

Hand added that his daughter’s death was better than any other situation that could have happened. 

“She was either dead or in Gaza, and if you know anything about what they do to people in Gaza that is worse than death, that is worse than death,” the grieving father said. “The way they treat you, they have no food, they have no water.”

“She’d be in a dark room with Christ who knows how many people and terrified every minute, hour, day and possible years to come,” he cried out. “So death was a blessing and absolute blessing.”

This poor man is relieved because he knows the long and horrendous history of Islamo-fascist barbarity, not merely because of this latest chapter, which is even more mind-bogglingly savage with the 100% verified accounts of what I detailed earlier.

If this is to be considered good news, then we are in a world of shit right now. I do not post on Facebook but I do lurk there to see what some of my friends (sadly many former now due to their mind-numbed liberal/lefty idiocy) and acquaintances are saying. Lots of “I Stand With Israel” memes but if I did still post there I would state you cannot say you stand with Israel and still continue to vote for Democrats. 

And spare me the Trump Tourette’s syndrome and all the other bullshit because if you believe that bullshit, then you do not and cannot stand with Israel. You cannot stand for “democracy,” and all the other memes, tropes and bromides that fall under the general category of Left/Dem Good, Right/GOP Evil. If that’s the case how do you account for Rashida “Rancid Taliban” Tlaib who refuses to condemn the beheading of infants?

A favorite Lefty slogan is “Silence is Complicity,” or something like that. As she ran from the cameras, her coelacanth maw was sealed so tight, Joe Biden wanted to stick his fingers in it. And to my erstwhile friends, I ask what’s your excuse for your silence about this? You fucking hypocrites make me puke. 

Meanwhile, as the aforementioned pre-pubescent hymen-prober and traitorous criminal spouts bullshit platitudes about a nation and people he despises (that being Israel this time since we know how he feels about America), there’s more and more evidence of either idiotic duplicity or duplicitous idiocy that fueled this breaking open of the gates of Hell and unleashing it on us.

. . . now we can add to the Joe Biden Democrat Party list of futility what we have long known to be true: Biden and the Democrat Party are complicit in the destruction of Israel.

No, that is not hyperbole or some gross overreaction to the horrifying events that we have seen out of Israel in the last several days, where Jewish men, women, children, and the elderly were burned, butchered, tortured, raped, maimed, kidnapped and executed by savage barbaric pieces of human debris, who are sure to rot in hell. . . 

. . . So how exactly is Biden and the Democrat Party at fault, the New York Times reader asks?

Yes, it is inexplicable that Israeli Intelligence (Mossad), and the CIA could have missed this pre-planned attack. . . No one with honesty believes the lies and distortions that come out of the White House and the Leftist media propagandists, who say the money hadn’t been spent yet, or it could only be spent on humanitarian efforts, or that it had no relation to the attacks.

Giving the Mullahs $6 billion in cash and telling them it cannot be used to support terrorist activities, is about as credible as Hunter Biden telling you the white powder he just snorted in the Lincoln bedroom was actually Domino sugar.

The bottom line is, you do not under any circumstances give one penny to savage terrorists whose parliament makes their stated goals of destroying Israel crystal clear.

Unless of course you don’t give a damn about Israel and the Jewish people. They don’t. 

To be sure, the current $6 billion in cash deal was too close on the heels to have been used in this current attack. But Obama’s pallets of cash dating back years ago certainly was used as were subsequent massive payouts to the PA and Iran in the aftermath of the stolen 2020 election.

At best, the Junta wants Israel taken down a few pegs and Iran to be the dominant player in the region. And if Israel ceases to exist, it’s no big deal because Iran on top is still the primary goal. But as stated, that goal has been funded for a long time before this attack, which no doubt took a very long time to plan and train.

In a recent article, senior adviser at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and former National Security Council official Richard Goldberg traces the money trail. He confirms: It is so much worse than we think.

Goldberg lays out the numbers. The $6 billion you’ve seen in every (other) headline is only the money being transferred from our friends in Qatar. But this is separate from the $10 billion of assets being transferred from Iraq, which Goldberg says will continue on “a rolling basis.” Then there are the reports that Iran will be allowed to access $7 billion in fiat currency by trading drawing rights with the International Monetary Fund. He also says Japan is scheduled to transfer $3 billion to Iran. 

“Money is fungible,” and even the funds that have not yet been unfrozen are likely being treated as good credit in Iran’s ledger.

The revelations do not end there. U.S. officials have also quietly acknowledged that they’ve uncapped Iranian oil exports to China. These export levels, previously held around 775,000 barrels per day under Trump’s sanctions, are now estimated to be between 1.4 and 2.2 million barrels per day. Modest estimates value this relief at $25 billion annually. 

The total? $50 billion.

It’s giving a thug a loaded machine gun and expecting him not to shoot the bullets.

Less than a decade ago, the spokesman of the Izzuddin Al-Qassam Brigades publicly thanked Iran for providing the “weapons, money, and other equipment” used in attacks. Although there has been no public “thank you” to Iran from Hamas in relation to the surprise attack on Israel this past weekend, it is clear that Iran did help plan the attack. It is unlikely they stopped there. But of course, the Biden administration is hesitant to confirm this — with Republicans already alleging the White House’s ties to the attacks, they would like to avoid any evidence that confirms what most of the world suspects.

This is peeling back what is only the first layer of deception in the Biden [junta’s] policies. . . 

. . . Again, this one specific money trail doesn’t even begin to cover the extent of insanity — it is only a small detail within the wider web of the Biden administration’s policies. To add an even more baffling layer to the mix, Iran is a country that beats and jails women if their hair shows too much from under their hijabs, and in which homosexual activity can lead to the death penalty. Biden’s submission to Iran is directly at odds with the “values” the political left claims to champion.

At this point, America has not simply left the world stage — it is funding terror. 

The extent of this hidden money trail has yet to be fully realized. It isn’t only Gaza. It’s Lebanon. It’s Syria. It’s Iraq. It’s Afghanistan. It will be Paris and London. It is likely pouring over the U.S. southern border.

And it’s coming to a neighborhood near you. 

Emphasis mine, because with a wide open border there we’re getting more than the garden variety lettuce-picking peasants or even the MS-13 gangsters who give you the Colombian necktie for looking at them crosseyed.

We’re getting thousands of compatriots of those who behead babies – the ones that Students for Justice in ‘Palestine’ are cheering. The ones that perhaps this Kaled Meshal cancer is giving marching orders to for tomorrow that could strike right here in the US and across Europe with this “Day of Solidarity” shit. 

Yeah, my Facebook friends. It’ll be kind of hard to stand with Israel when you’re trying to put the flames out on the backs of your kids, or run from a dirty bomb detonated somewhere in the burbs

Unlike Vegas, what happens in Israel, won’t stay there.

The Palestinian Authority, funded by American taxpayers, still airs Arafat’s old speeches in which he calls for “millions of martyrs marching to Jerusalem”. Americans and Israelis refused to take such rhetoric seriously. The cost was over 1,200 lives when Hamas tried to carry it out.

In operational terms, Hamas transitioned from a terrorist organization to a guerrilla force like ISIS or Hezbollah. Israel had been conditioned to expect small hit and run raids. It was not expecting an actual invasion. A hit and run raid with this many Jihadists makes no sense.

This wasn’t a hit and run raid.

Israeli military leaders are now saying that Hamas had not come just to attack, but to occupy and take over the Jewish communities that it invaded. It brought heavy firepower and some of its best trained Jihadists to not just attack, but to hold, fortify and annex those areas.

What the world witnessed was mostly the first stage of a three stage plan. In the second stage, Hamas Jihadists would have secured the captured communities while in the third stage, Hamas civilians, especially women and children, would have been brought in to occupy them. The Israeli military would have had to choose between firing on enemy civilians crossing the border or trying to fight Hamas once it was operating from behind its own human shields.

The captured villages would have been functionally annexed. Even if Israel had recaptured them, it would then have to expel the Muslim civilians now living inside them. Human rights groups and international pressure might have prevented Israel from taking such a step.

Fortunately Hamas never reached the third stage of its plan. Israel managed to destroy the invaders before they were able to fortify themselves and complete the second stage.

But there is every reason to think that Hamas or other Islamic jihadists will try it again. . . 

. . . Hamas has always made its intentions clear. It is out to mobilize all of Israel’s Arab Muslim population and those of the surrounding countries to provide it with money and manpower to attack, invade and destroy Israel. After long years of shelling, it launched a first major invasion to depopulate and then seize Jewish communities within range of the Gaza border.

Some Jewish communities have now been depopulated. While some residents will rebuild, others will leave. Hamas is celebrating such departures as a validation of its strategy that with enough terror all the Jews of Israel will leave the land. And the Muslims will take over. . . 

. . . The next time, Hamas will try to reach its third stage, to fortify, occupy and annex communities within Israel. And then the enemy will no longer be ‘out there’, but beginning its conquest of Israel, seeking to link up with Arab Muslim towns and villages for the final campaign of Jihad.

Unless Israel finishes Hamas now, it will be fighting Hamas deep inside the Jewish State.

Can you say “¿Reconquista?” Islam and leftism being two sides of the same rotten coin has been a standard of mine for a long time. But when you look at what’s going on here in terms of party politics and worse street politics, i.e. criminal violence, as well as an open border vis a vis the “right wing conspiracy theory!” of population replacement, it’s chilling to say the least when you connect the dots.

There is no difference between the IRGC and the Mullah’s shrieking “Death to America” and BLaMtifa chanting whatever the fuck they chant when they Burn Loot and Murder. In fact, the now deleted proclamation from BLM of standing with and supporting the barbarity unleashed on innocent people should be an alarm bell that should, or God forbid when the shit hits the fan over here, they will be shoulder to shoulder with the thousands of jihadists already on our soil and doing unto us what they are doing to Israelis right now.

Hello, SPLC? Hello, FBI? Hello DOJ. . . Crickets. And worse because you and I are the terrorists these days.

Back to the situation in Israel, because we are not barbarians, our military doctrine has always put tactics that minimize as best we possibly can the death of civilians via collateral damage. This is certainly true post 1945, and even during the war with the attempt to do this via the strategic bombing campaign of the USAAF, which technologically was not capable of pulling it off. The RAF’s area bombing is another story for another time. Rage at the Nazis for intentionally terror bombing them during the Blitz notwithstanding, they viewed the citizens who worked in the factories as legitimate targets and as such had no qualms about leveling German cities. Ditto the USAAF later in the war with the firebombing of Tokyo and the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, since a planned invasion of the home islands would have been met with the entire Japanese population armed with everything down to spears and rocks. The salient point of course here is all of this never would have happened were it not for the war of conquest and annihilation instigated by Nazi Germany in the first place.

We can no longer do that. Israel – and by Israel I now mean the West, by which I mean those who still embrace the almost 5,800 years of Judeo-Christian-cum Western civilization – must now annihilate with extreme prejudice what amounts to a horde of Dark Age barbarians who are armed to the teeth with the most modern military equipment and worse, a bloodlust that views the beheading of infants as perfectly acceptable and even enjoyable.

This means that any former considerations of collateral damage and avoiding civilian casualties is now a complete non-starter. This is an existential struggle. And while it is now perhaps limited to Israel geographically, the illegitimate Junta in DC has set the stage for a Yugoslavia ’92 style war right here in the US along with the feckless European governments who have signed their own death warrants and opened themselves to Islamic conquest years ago.

Does the situation as it stands mean American boots on the ground in Israel? I don’t think so. Again, Trump had Iran on the ropes with the wipeout of Qassam Suleimani. But then we all know what happened next. If elections have consequences, stolen elections are in a whole other category in that regard. The Iranian regime has been at war with us, Israel and the west in general since Jimmy Carter allowed the Shah to be overthrown. Not protecting him and subsequently not doing everything we could to remove the mullahs was one of the gravest mistakes we have ever made. And now? They are on the verge of being nuclear capable, thanks primarily to Obama and Biden.

Note: for the not-very-clever Jew-hating trolls out there going off on our aid to Israel, the billions in aid shoveled con gusto at the PA is why we are in this fucking situation in the first place. Whatever foreign aid we give Israel is probably the greatest “investment” in our own peace and security far outstripping the benefits we will ever get from money being wasted anywhere else in the world. That is a fact. Israel is one of the most advanced nations on the planet, and what they have returned in terms of technology, medicine, business and every field of human endeavor far outstrips every other nation getting our largess combined.

For Israel and the world to worry about “world opinion,” it’s high time that they and we all understood that world opinion is every much a weapon of war as are the Kalashnikovs, the caches of Yankee rifles and God knows what else abandoned in Afghanistan, not to mention the good old tried and true rusty hacksaws of the Barbary barbarians.

If Israel does not go medieval on their worse-than-medieval asses, then they’re fucked. “Let them hate me so long as they fear me” has got to be the motto going forward, or there will be no forward to go to.

And I have to say that about us here with the Leftists. The Democrat Socialists and Dems in general want our heads.

Regardless of her being an idiot, sub-literate no-talent bint, Kathy Griffin holding up that fake one of Trump should now raise your pulse.



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