The Morning Report 10/19/23

Good morning, kids. I had thought that the unprecedented barbaric massacre of nearly 1,500 unarmed, innocent civilians would finally have been the straw to break the camel’s back in Israel unleashing a terrible swift sword on Gaza. Alas, as time drags on and the IDF delays the full on assault, I’m fearing that what needs to get done will once again be shelved. And this rather disturbing report underscores my fears:

Speaking from her home in Israel, [real journalist Caroline] Glick said, “We are in danger of losing … sovereign control over our military.”

She then presented what sources told her really happened when secretary of state Tony Blinken met with Israel’s war cabinet on Monday.

“From what came out of the meeting, Tony Blinken wasn’t trying to help Israel at all.  What he was doing was demanding that Israel enable resupply to Gaza, the euphemism of which is ‘humanitarian aid.’”  She continued to say that Blinken threatened to withhold American war materiel from Israel, such as bunker buster bombs and regular ordinance.

And Israel didn’t just decide to invite Biden.  His [junta] demanded that Israel invite him, she said, adding, “I don’t know; ask his presidential campaign.”

While Israel’s forces have been being held in limbo at the Gaza border, those charged with carrying out the mission began demanding they be allowed to go in.  They cited difficulties in maintaining the readiness and morale of troops as well as a loss of the momentum they had after the October 7 massacre.  Glick said that lapse in time also allowed the international media to turn on Israel.  “We have all these Hamas supporters throughout the Western world who are feeling empowered, and not unreasonably given the backing they’re receiving from the media.”

Most disturbingly, Glick said commanders at the southern border were told, “We can’t do anything until Biden leaves.  So that Biden is literally acting as a human shield for Hamas — so long as he hasn’t arrived yet, and hasn’t left yet, their terror state is going to be free from invasion.”

She continued to stress that demands to get humanitarian aid to Gaza are demands to resupply Hamas because they control every person and inch of land in Gaza. . . 

. . .Making matters worse, the U.S. said they would supply Israel with the bombs, but they weren’t allowed to use them against the missile launching sites — i.e., the UNRWA schools and hospitals.

It is well known that “Hamas military headquarters have been, for years, located under Shifa Hospital,” Glick said.

What Glick described about Blinken’s demands amounted to extortion: if Israel didn’t open up a humanitarian corridor — i.e., allow Hamas to be resupplied — the U.S. wouldn’t provide the bunker buster bombs and the ordinance for Israel’s fighter jets.  Without those things, IDF ground forces would likely be slaughtered like the victims of October 7. 

Adding insult to injury, Glick’s sources said the U.S. told Israel they weren’t allowed to “open up a war” with Lebanon despite being bombed from Hezb’allah in the north. . . 

. . . Responding to Biden’s one word for those threatening Israel — “don’t” — Glick asked, “Where’s the ‘or else’?  What are you going to do?  Because [on Wednesday, October 18] the U.N. sanctions that bar Iran from selling or purchasing ballistic missiles on the international market are set to expire … Iran is going to be able to purchase and sell as many ballistic missiles wherever it wants, to whoever it wants, at whatever price.”

Concluding her remarks, Glick questioned the roles of agents in Biden’s administration like Ariane Tabatabai, who, despite being outed for checking in with Iran’s Foreign Ministry before U.S. policy meetings, has never been fired.  Also in her focus were Hady Amr, the 1st United States special representative for Palestinian Affairs (born in Lebanon) and appointed by Biden in 2022, as well as Maher Bitar, the Palestinian American in charge of the flow of intelligence for the Biden White House.

So, now we have a pretty good idea why Israel, despite dropping a shit-ton of ordnance have not gone in with as massive an armored ground assault from the moment they could secure their own territory and mobilized their forces, and why Biden was shoved into AF-1 and sent into a war zone. Because his handlers knew, or at least took the chance that Hamas would see this as a tactical if not strategic victory in restraining the inevitable onslaught.

And Bibi has seemingly blown it, harder than Kamala Harris during Fleet Week.

This illegitimate, illegal junta that seized power via a stolen election is holding Israel hostage every bit as much as Hamas is holding Israeli civilians (assuming they’re still alive). “We fully stand behind Israel” Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants declared without a dementia freeze. Yeah, Biden is standing behind Israel ready to shove it off a cliff. 

All that fake puffery was just that. Words hastily written out for him in a panic when the initial images of burned bodies, beheaded infants, desecrated corpses and shrieking women carried off to be gang-raped temporarily short-circuited the propaganda machine and for once allowed the world to see at long last the reality of who the barbarians really are and who the victims. Speaking of the media and anti-Semites, one of the biggest tropes around is that Jews control the media. Considering the instantaneous newsflashes around the world that the Estes rocket that took out a few cars in a parking lot was an evil Joo-missile that killed 500 civilians in a hospital, with Jews like that, who needs Hamas? But I digress.

Despite that misfired Hamas missile being confirmed as just that, the media damage was done. To a crisp. They succeeded in setting off not only massive sales for the glycerine tears industry, but perhaps lit the fuse not only on another Arab spring, but perhaps a faked casus belli for the Iranians to openly declare war on Israel either from southern Lebanon or Iran itself via MRBMs. In fact, things are heating up in the Bekaa Valley as we speak.

Funny how Biden and the world never called upon Zelensky to show restraint in retaliating against Russia. And I can’t find anywhere in my history books the time when FDR told Ike to keep the landing craft on standby off Omaha Beach so he can fly into Berlin and hand Hitler some pallets of cash as “humanitarian aid.” He trusts old Adolf to use that money for civilian aid and not bullets. Or Zyklon-B.

Back to Iran, for the past 44 years, that captured nation has been the leading source of global terrorism, be it financial, logistical or in many cases operational. Jimmy Carter and the same America-last and least anti-Semites at Foggy Bottom who, like every other agency and department in our government have the least qualified most inept people leading them and making policy, are the root cause of this problem. When the Shah of Iran, who was a staunch ally in a most strategic part of the globe, was under the gun, Carter threw him under the bus and embraced Ayatollah Khomeini, who turned around and kicked him in the peanuts. Lest we forget the Camp David accords which included the gun at the head of Menachem Begin to “negotiate” with Yasser Arafat. By negotiate, I mean of course lay the groundwork for surrender and the wave of terrorism and intifadas that followed. 

So, what to do about Iran? They are at the heart of this. Without the mullahs in power, this greatest attack on Israel in 50 years, which is turning more and more into its greatest existential threat, never would have happened. Some are making the case to finally take them out. Oh boy.

Now Israel is facing the difficult task of neutralizing Hamas to ensure such carnage like 10/7 never happens again. The Biden administration has made the right sounds with its rhetoric of support, the president’s visit to Israel, and the deployment of two Carrier Strike Groups to the region. But mere deterrence is not going to solve the biggest problem: Iran and its genocidal regime that for 44 years has attacked this country and stained its hands with American blood, as well as financing and training Israel’s terrorist enemies.

Now is the time to defeat this enemy, before it starts producing nuclear weapons and raises the stakes exponentially. The U.S. certainly has the means to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. The two Carrier Strike Groups now in the region are the most powerful non-nuclear weapons in the world. Tom Sharpe in the Daily Telegraph has detailed the awesome firepower of a CSGs:

“The ship itself is the largest aircraft carrier ever built and she carries an air group more powerful than many national air forces. Add to this a Ticonderoga class cruiser and three Arleigh Burke destroyers, all four ships loaded for bear with Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles and the Aegis missile shield capable of knocking down any threat from sea-skimming ship killers to satellites in low orbit. Then there are special forces, US Marines, logistics support and a couple of force elements that don’t appear in the photos. The firepower is remarkable even before you factor in other USN assets not directly associated with the CSG.”

Deploy these lethal assets to the Persian Gulf, and supplement them with GBU-72 “bunker-buster” bombs, and there’s more than enough destructive power to eliminate Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities, or at the very least set the program back for multiple decades. As for Israel, we should support her not just with words but with whatever action and materiel will help her to prevail.

All we need is the will, and the confidence that our cause is just enough to accept the “awful arithmetic” necessary in a fallen world.

Bruce Thornton is right. Except he’s a few years too late. Even if we could turn back time five or even 10 years, I would not be so sanguine about direct military action. 

If elections have consequences, extrapolate that out to stolen elections. Iran was absolutely on the ropes in January of 2020 after one of its major players Qassem Soelimani was taken out by PDT. And then, we all know what happened to us and the world after that. What’s done is done. Considering the situation on the Risk board right now, engaging in a first-strike on Iran would result in touching off Armageddon. 

We don’t even have the munitions thanks to the madness in propping up Ukraine, to say nothing of the morale and preparedness of the troops thanks to the insane “woke” agenda of the DOD. Iran can be neutralized much more strategically and covertly. Given the internal strife, the regime can still crumble from within with just a little covert help and international pressure. 

But given the players involved and what their allegiances are and their belief systems about who are the good guys and who the bad, and worse what the purpose of war really is, a US military strike on Iran right now is folly to the point of madness. An attack on Iran draws in China and Russia and then a whole lot of heads of hair are going to get mussed, good and hard.

Meanwhile, we had an honest to goodness insurrection at the Capitol yesterday and neither Malig-Nancy Pelosi, Jamie Raskin nor Adam Schiff-for-Brains could be found calling it “the greatest threat to our precious democracy since the Civil War and 9/11 combined.”

Heh. “9/11.” Remember that one?



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  1. That Israel still remains even partially dependent on US aid or approval puzzles me. If I was engaged in an existential survival battle, I wouldn’t depend on this country for anything.

  2. Sadly true. But Israel is at least partly to blame for the immediate need. Had they kept Hamas and Hezbollah in control they wouldn’t need bunker buster bombs!

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