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Good morning, kids. So, they changed Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants from out of his Ensure-stained track suit he sported on AF-1 – which eerily reminded me of the outfits the terrorists wore who slaughtered the Israeli Olympic team in Munich 51 years ago – and into a suit and tie so he can hector the nation and demand that we all come together in our righteous might to stand shoulder to shoulder with . . . UKRAINE:

Joe Biden gave a rare Oval Office address Thursday night that began with a clear condemnation of Hamas terror, but quickly shifted focus to cynical politicking and narrative setting, even while Americans are still being held hostage.

. . . he tries to shift the political focus to something more favorable for him when his back is against the wall. That’s what he tried to do tonight. 

The dominant news cycle right now – radical Islamic terror directed at Israel – is a terrible one for Joe. As I noted in an article earlier this week, Joe Biden has harmed Israel in numerous ways over his presidency and vice presidency while simultaneously enabling terrorists and their funders. He is also clearly perceived as a weak target by our adversaries around the world; so, the longer the media is focused on Israel, Jews, Hamas rockets, decapitated babies, and American hostages, the worse Joe is going to look. His political instincts told him to try to switch gears.He did that in his speech tonight. It was not only clumsy, it was offensive.

Actually, it was an attempted hoodwinking. The world thought the speech would be about Israel. And he did talk about Israel. But the speech was really about Ukraine.

He tried to connected Israel and Ukraine in order to suggest to Americans that if you support Israel’s war for its own survival, you must also support limitless taxpayer resources being sent to Ukraine – after those funds make a pit stop in the bank accounts of U.S. defense contractors, of course.

He ended up saying nothing newsworthy about Israel or Hamas, yet he revived the Ukraine funding discussion.

Yes, duplicitous Joe used dead Jews as an excuse to give a speech about Ukraine funding — from the Oval Office, no less. . . 

. . . Using the death of Israelis and Americans, especially children, to shake the can for the defense industry was not merely a little too on the nose, it was grotesque. . . 

. . . In what was another low point for the night, Joe scolded Americans for Islamophobia from two decades ago, despite the fact that radical Muslims targeted Jews for torture, rape, and murder just this month. “I know many of you in the Muslim American community are outraged saying to yourself ‘here we go again’ with Islamophobia and distress we saw after 9/11,” Joe said.

The timing would seem a bit off, unless you see it as a dog whistle to extremists in his political base.

The analysis comes from Alex Marlow who quite literally wrote the book on Biden and how his criminal mind, or at this stage criminal rotting rutabaga of a brain, works. When it works. Which means doing whatever it can to preserve, protect and defend the 50-plus year criminal enterprise and corruption that is the worthless existence that passes for a life.

As an aside, and not totally unrelated to the propaganda mill’s throwing gasoline on the fire by regurgitating the Hamas lie that Israel vaporized a Gaza hospital and killed 500 people, instead of Palestinian Islamic Jihad launching a homemade Big Bertha that took out maybe a dozen people and a few cars in the parking lot, we have journalism’s current grand old man Brit Hume who had this to say about Biden’s spiel:

“One of the best – if not the best – speeches of his presidency.”

Wherein Brit Hume firmly claims the undisputed title of being the Walter Duranty of Jim Acostas. Or vice versa.

If there is a positive takeaway from this latest in the ongoing string of debasements from the de-Basement Dweller-in-Chief it’s that, besides the shameless attempt to bait and switch from the war on Israel which he and his former boss had a major hand in setting the table (as Daniel Greenfield describes with his usual wit and detail here), it’s perhaps this.

The Democrat Party and anti-American Left set into motion as far back as Aaron Burr, which Obama kicked into overdrive, that is the destruction and then subsuming of the nation, its political system and culture into a nightmare totalitarian state. In order to achieve this, especially in the past 60 years has relied on the uniting of disparate and many times antagonistic grievance groups and minorities with the common theme of hating the very nation and system that allows them to not only exist but thrive like no time in history and no place else.

That coalition of the unwilling and ungrateful cannot last. Ultimately it has to come apart at the seams. The fractures are already evident with such issues as the crime wave, open borders, homo- and transexual perversion and even to an extent censorship and cancel culture. And now, we have the absolutely repulsive reaction in celebration to the worst slaughter of Jews since 1933-1945 from Muslims, Maoists and sadly apostate self-gassing Jews-by-birth-only, is causing so-called independents and more crucially what’s left of for lack of a better word “normal” Democrats to recoil in horror. 

So, Joey now has to pull his fingers out of the panties of the closest little girl or daughter within reach and use them to plug the dyke. Dike? Regardless, that is all that this speech is, along with fleecing an already empty Treasury to wag the dog in Ukraine against a nuclear armed Putin. 

TOP. Men.

Playing devil’s advocate for a moment, I ask myself are the rivalries and arguments within these disparate groups big enough to cleave them from the Junta or is America- and Jew-hatred too powerful a magnetic force? Reading this account, the situation is very much in doubt:

Americans are shocked and horrified as university and law-school students nationwide show support for the terrorist group Hamas after its heinous attacks against the Jewish people.

“Israel bears full responsibility for this tremendous loss of life,” declared the NYU Student Bar Association president. Israel is “entirely responsible for all unfolding violence,” more than 30 Harvard student groups stated. “The apartheid regime is the only one to blame.” These statements do not feature geopolitical commentary, just brazen support for terrorism.

As law students who have witnessed firsthand the ideological takeover of American universities, we aren’t surprised — not by the statements or administrations’ slow response to them. . .

. . . Those outside academia should know these students are likely shocked that wider society is not applauding their actions. They don’t see these statements as particularly heterodox — in fact, the opposite. Why? Schools have, by their own design, become devoid of free inquiry and exchange, adopting instead a homogenous set of viewpoints, many of them extremely radical.

For years, admissions offices across the country have deliberately prioritized passion for social justice and activism in potential applicants — to their detriment. While community engagement is a worthwhile pursuit, at 17 years old, zealous activism for any complex cause is too often accompanied by a lack of intellectual curiosity and misplaced confidence in one’s point of view. Have you changed your mind on fundamental issues since the age of 17? We sure have. Yet increasingly, these young “activists” have neither the opportunity nor the incentive to allow their thinking to evolve. Their views are rewarded by admissions offices around the country, then encouraged and intensified by like-minded students and faculty members.

The cycle repeats in law schools. At elite institutions particularly, good jobs are nearly guaranteed, irrespective of students’ ability to display intellectual curiosity and exercise good judgment. Curious students without such convictions who secure spots at top universities are generally in the minority. They must be careful articulating their views lest they commit a “microaggression” against their peers.

All the while, students proudly support terrorists, ostracize their Jewish peers and espouse views nothing short of moral degradation under the guise of the “activism” institutions have so loudly praised.

Why are such gifted students so willing to go along, especially when the end result is antisemitism? While the wider population wonders in horror, the explanation is simple, albeit anticlimactic: They are doing precisely what the educational system rewards — applying the logic they have learned, even if it leads them to immoral ends.

The authors of this piece are two young law students at Boston College and Georgetown. If you don’t think that they have targets on their backs, and quite likely in the most literal sense, then you’ve been asleep for a few years. As for what I emphasized at the end, if that doesn’t scare the shit out of you, nothing will. I hope, as they assume, that the wider population is horrified by the support for the Dark Age butchers and the calling for the blood of the Jews that with a few tweaks are word for word echoing from 90 years ago in Germany.

That is not hyperbole. The observation encapsulates perfectly what historian Christopher Browning writes about in his harrowing account of the actions and motivations of one particular unit of the Einsatzgruppen who shot tens of thousands of Jews, one by one, into mass graves all over Russia.

It’s bad enough that it’s coming as it does from the classrooms and campuses of academia. But the same poisonous rot has been going on now for more than half a century. If you include scum like Horace Mann, John Dewey and Herbert Marcuse – and yes, dear reader, Bill Ayers – to name but a few, make it the full century. This is how you get raging idiots from the c-suites to government and little by little more of Main Street, or what’s left of it now that our jobs have been outsourced. 

And on top of that, we have full-on freak Taqqiya-sunrise practitioners at the highest levels of government who don’t even have to lie about their allegiance to Islamic world conquest. 

So, devil’s advocate Joe Biden reverse-Joo chin horns off. They’ve been exposed. The question is, is it too late to do anything about it? And I don’t necessarily mean via national elections because those are more and more meaningless. The world wonders.

But the world does go on, and even in the darkest moments, there are sparks of humanity that shine quite brightly.

An NYPD cop broke down in tears after helping talk a suicidal man down from a Manhattan overpass in a rarely seen raw moment captured on police bodycam.

The harrowing clip, posted by the department on X Wednesday, shows officers Carl Fayette and Eleodoro Mata calmly reassuring the man as he stands on the edge of the raised Riverside Drive highway in Manhattanville on Oct. 5.

“I’ve been in your shoes, man. It’s not worth it,” Fayette tells the man as he stands outside a fence on the edge of the overpass. “I’ve been in your shoes, brother, and there are solutions. There is a way to ensure you get out of this situation. . . ”

. . . “I love you, brother. I care for you, brother. You have my shoulder, brother. Lean on my shoulder, brother,” he reassures the man. “I promise you you’re my friend. I promise you that we will be fighting together. I promise you that we will give you the services that you need. I love you, brother. Just listen to my voice. You got this brother.”

The man folds over, bending forward while still grabbing onto the fence behind him, the footage shows.

“Life is beautiful. The sun is beautiful. You are beautiful, man,” Fayette tells him. “Please don’t give up on me brother.”

Compare and contrast to what happened at that music festival and the kibbutzim. 

This little light of mine. . . 

Have a good weekend.



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  1. They believe we are idiots – conflating Ukraine and Israel is despicable except for someone representing the US war machine.

  2. Agreed. As I have said before, Israel is a loyal ally that also provides America with good intelligence and technology.
    Ukraine is a kleptocratic nexus for criminality.

  3. Sadly, at least a good third of the country are either idiots or ill-informed. Another third are going to be the cadres that are called upon to kill or otherwise persecute us.

    The key is going to be waking up enough of that first group to stave off our fate with the second.

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