The Morning Rant


Here is a spectacularly stupid idea, and as usual, one of our profoundly arrogant and stupid elites is behind it. Their conceit — which increases geometrically with their wealth — is that because they were good at some narrowly focused thing like designing widgets or stealing computer operating systems, they are also marvelous at…everything else!

Climate Activists Seek to Save the Planet by Cutting, Burying Trees

Through his foundation Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Mr. Gates is a part of the $6.6 million seed investor pool backing Kodama Systems in its proposal to remove trees in California’s fire-challenged woodlands and bury them in Nevada to sequester carbon dioxide (CO2).

“We must dramatically accelerate forest thinning treatments,” the Boston-based firm says on its website. Kodama calls itself a “technology-driven forest restoration service.”

Oh good! It’s technology-driven, so they must be correct. Or…and maybe this is farfetched…they are just guessing, and don’t have any data to back up the theory that killing trees will decrease the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

It’s called “science.” Formulate a theory, and then gather data through experimentation. If the data back up the theory, you might be on to something. If the data don’t support the theory, then you are wrong. No matter how rich your benefactor is; you are wrong!

But rest assured, the mere mention of science is supposed to be sufficient to shut up the no-nothings who demand stuff like evidence and experimentation before implementing an environment-killing, frankly insane plan.

In an interview with NY Times reporter David Gelles, Mr. Gates responded dismissively to the idea that planting more trees can reverse adverse climate effects.

“That’s complete nonsense … I mean, are we the science people, or are we the idiots?” Mr. Gates asked rhetorically.

Go ahead…answer his question!

This is a spectacularly bad and counter-productive idea,” Chad Hanson, a research ecologist and co-founder of the John Muir Project, told The Epoch Times.

He says existing trees and forests are “by far, our best and most effective means” to reduce any “excess of carbon in our atmosphere.”

Additionally, selective culling poses a risk to old-growth trees, which research indicates capture vastly more atmospheric carbon than their younger counterparts.

Living trees store a massive amount of atmospheric carbon. One estimate puts the CO2 storage value of U.S. forests and grasslands at 866 million metric tons per year. For perspective, that equates to the annual emissions from 50 million gasoline- or diesel-fueled vehicles.

Some research does support the theory that burying debris from cut trees can work as a form of carbon capture. One 2019 study showed that storing wood biomass can remove billions of tons of carbon annually.

“Trees continue to sequester and store more and more carbon as they get older, and this is true no matter how old they get,” Mr. Hanson said in countering that point. “Cutting existing trees and burying them eliminates their ability to draw down and reduce atmospheric carbon.”

Remember this stuff? Maybe 8th grade? I guess Mr. Gates and his pet pseudo-scientists missed that part of a basic scientific education. photosynthesis.png

More biomass in the form of trees means more carbon* that is not in the atmosphere…as well as more oxygen in the atmosphere and more beauty and more biodiversity and fewer intense fires. Yup! Tree density is linked to better forest fire outcomes!

The supreme and uncontrolled hubris of people like Gates the software thief is going to get us in a lot of trouble. Just look at what they are already doing to the environment! tens of thousands of environmental catastrophes in the form of wind turbines…they kill birds, kill whales, are horrid polluters during manufacture, and they are absurdly difficult to recycle. But these mid-wits think that just because they have good ideas originally formulated during a bong session during their sophomore year in college, that the entire world should do what they say.

So lets close nuclear power plants, bury our trees, build another million wind turbines, stop pumping oil, stop driving and flying and cooking with gas, and see what we get!

But the answer is already clear…we get the dark ages. And that’s what these maniacs want. Shut down the world and its wealth generation before everyone gets abundant food and clean water and leisure time and the glories that human mind ingenuity can create. We will go back to living a communal life, with scarce resources and the misery that has been attendant for most of human history.

But at least Bill Gates will feel virtuous!

*I don’t give a rat’s ass about how much carbon is in the atmosphere because Global Warming is simply worshiping at the Sustainable Organic Church Of The Carbon Apocalypse. But puncturing their bullsht science is an important thing.