The Morning Report 10/23/23

Good morning, kids. It’s funny. The Left are constantly spouting the bromide that to be anti-Israel or anti-Zionist is not anti-Semitic. Yet every time a Jew gets verbally abused, spat upon, goes 0 for infinity in the knockout game or cut to ribbons by bombs, bullets, knives or thrown from a rooftop anywhere in the world, let alone Israel, the world just shrugs its shoulders even when the shouts of allahu akbar are loud enough to drown out the Concord’s jet engines at full throttle. Nope. Just a “troubled youth,” a mentally disturbed individual, or at most a “lone wolf” fanatic who perverted the words of a beautiful religion. 

I remember quite vividly when in 2010 a massive car bomb failed to detonate in Times Square, that would’ve killed or maimed scores of people. Then mayor Michael “Michelito Lo-Lo” Bloomberg was all over the airwaves, predicting that whoever planted the bomb “was probably motivated by anger at the passage of Obamacare.” Turns out, the perpetrator was one Faisal Shahzad, a 30-year-old Pakistan-born resident of Bridgeport, Connecticut, who had become a U.S. citizen in April 2009. Immediately afterwards, Bloomberg angrily warned against people jumping to conclusions so as not to cause Islamaphobic backlash against that peaceful, upstanding community. 

As we all know, backlash against the Islamic community is about as serious a problem as institutional racism and a massive white supremacist movement in America, or the reality of a nation called “Palestine.” Yet, over the weekend, our wonderful fellow citizens that Bloomberg insists are such great Americans rallied in a number of cities here in the US and overseas baying for the blood of Jews. In one particular instance, they may have got it. But let’s not jump to conclusions, people! 

No evidence found so far indicates that anti-Semitism motivated the fatal stabbing of a local synagogue leader, law enforcement said on Sunday.

Samantha Woll, the 40-year-old president of Isaac Agree Downtown Detroit Synagogue, was found dead outside her home on Saturday morning.

The gruesome incident took place amid increased concerns for the safety of Jewish people in the United States and abroad as Israel fights Hamas after the group launched terrorist attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip on October 7 that killed an estimated 1,400-plus people.

“The investigation into the death of Ms. Woll remains ongoing. At this time, however, no evidence has surfaced suggesting that this crime was motivated by antisemitism,” Detroit Police Chief James White said in a statement posted to X.

Detroit police are working with the FBI “to forensically analyze all of the information obtained up to this point in an effort to ascertain the timeline that ultimately led to Ms. Woll’s death,” White said. . . 

. . . Woll had done work for Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, who is also a Democrat, in the past. Both posted tributes to Woll, as did Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI). . . Woll’s sister, Dr. Monica Woll Rosen, said her late sibling was the “kindest, most generous human I’ve ever met” and “so deeply wanted peace for this world,” according to USA Today.

First, in no way, shape or form do I take any joy in this woman’s murder. Yet, considering her political affiliations, I do not think it’s a stretch to assume that her attitudes towards every issue under the sun did not align with what is, or perhaps what used to be that of mainstream, rational America. More to the point, her sister’s line about the victim “so deeply [wanting] peace for this world” is a dead giveaway insofar as what her attitudes likely might have been towards Muslims, Islam and even Israel. 

Second, and more to the point the murder took place in Detroit, a key suburb of which, Dearborn, is now overwhelmingly Muslim. And that area’s congressional representative is none other than Rashida “Rancida Taliban” Tlaib. 

Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s support of Palestine, while far from new, has been roundly criticized in recent weeks as Israel responds to attacks by Hamas terrorists. Tlaib personally supports Palestine — her parents immigrated to Detroit from East Jerusalem and the West Bank — but she’s also representing the sentiments of many in her district, which contains the largest Muslim population in the United States. 

Tlaib’s district, which is just to the west of Detroit proper, is mostly white. On paper, that is. The federal government arbitrarily defines the category “white” as including people with origins in Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa, so it’s harder to parse out the actual demographics of the district’s 73 percent white population. In reality, Tlaib’s district is heavily populated by Middle Eastern immigrants, with about one in 14 households speaking Arabic as their primary language. In Dearborn, one of the main cities in the district, Arab-Americans constitute nearly 55 percent of the population. . . 

. . . Though Tlaib’s activism is unpopular in Washington, D.C., she’s winning support from constituents back in the district. In recent weeks, Dearborn has been a hotspot for pro-Palestinian protests, from well-attended rallies in the week following Hamas’s initial attack to a high school walk-out in support of Palestinians just a few days ago. On October 15, thousands of protestors took to the streets, carrying Palestinian flags and chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a slogan widely interpreted as implying the removal of the state of Israel. 

One protestor spoke with a reporter, expressing his support for Rep. Tlaib and praising Hamas. “If it means we die for the freedom of Palestine, we are ready to die,” he said. “Hamas is our freedom fighters. That’s all we have — Hamas.” 

Six thousand miles away from Gaza, the conflict is highly emotional for many voters, even though they left their home countries years — sometimes decades — ago to become Americans. With mass immigration and decreased cultural pressure to assimilate, this might just be the future of representative democracy.

Tlaib won reelection in 2022 easily, earning over 70 percent of the vote, and faces no real challenge for her seat in the future. Across the nation, Muslims had the highest support for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election, beating out Black Protestant voters with 93 percent support for the Democratic candidate. And while they’re certainly aligned with the Squad and other social progressives on the Palestine issue, not all Dearborn voters are on board with the left’s social agenda, which contradicts core tenets of Islam. 

Rashida Tlaib is a radical in her own right, but her allegiance to Palestine isn’t just about her own heritage. Apart from the pride flag flying outside of her office, about which constituents don’t seem too concerned, Tlaib is a model representative for her constituents. Immigration has cultural consequences, and we’re seeing them play out both on the hill and back home in her district. If Hamas’s attacks on Israel are “what decolonization looks like,” as lefty academics keep saying, then Tale’s activism at the Capitol is a glimpse into the real effects of mass immigration. 

It should be noted that the wave of immigration from the Middle East that brought this prehistoric coelacanth-looking cheerleader of savagery to our shores was of the legal variety. Now consider our own “naqba” of an erased southern border where untold thousands of military aged males from that accursed region and elsewhere have invaded unchecked over just the past three years alone and if you’re not alarmed, you have no pulse. 

Obviously, the idea of assimilation is a joke, and a sick one at that. If we ever did gain power to stop this crap, we might have somewhat of a chance of sealing the border, disincentivizing the economically-driven invasion of Latin American peasantry and reinstating the policies that created a populace diverse in origin yet unified as American citizens, with all that that entails. The only group of people that I would exclude from that nearly Pollyanna-ish fantasy that at this point has almost zero chance of happening, are Muslims. 

Sorry to say that Islam, as it is preached and practiced, is 100% incompatible with modern, western Judeo-Christian society. Not only incompatible, but an existential threat to it. If you think that that is bullshit racialism, look no further than the banlieues of Paris and Marseille, Malmo, Rotterdam, Molenbeek (now 100% Muslim), and scores of other cities and towns all over Europe. 

Yeah, it’s kind of interesting to watch the Dearbornistanians get all wee-wee’d up about homo-tranny perversion in the schools but you better think again if you think that you’re going to win them over to our side.

No matter which prominent side wins in our immigration debates, the U.S. loses for a simple reason: the contest pits people who hate the point against people who miss the point.

On one side are the large-I Immigrationists, individuals who behave as if immigration is always good, always necessary, must never be questioned, and must be the one constant in an otherwise ever-changing universe of policy.  They’re usually identified as “leftists.”  On the other are small-i immigrationists, people who believe immigration is generally good, generally necessary, should never be questioned in principle, and must in some form be the one constant in an otherwise ever-changing universe of policy.  They’re usually identified as “conservatives.”

The debate between the two sides often goes like this: leftists welcome inundation with even uneducated, unskilled foreigners (as long as the aliens aren’t sent to their neighborhood; see Martha’s Vineyard, et al.) with the argument “our strength lies in our diversity!”  Conservatives counter this by reassuring all and sundry that “I’m all for immigration!”  “But,” they add, “it should be done legally and be merit-based, with possession of economically valuable skills a prerequisite for entry.”

The problem with this is that it’s the battling of a nonsensical argument with a one-dimensional argument.  After all, there’s a name for entities defined merely by the job-related role they can perform: robots.  There’s also a name for thus characterizing people: a Marxist mistake.

I’ll explain this by beginning with a story.  Many years ago, during a dinner-table conversation, a quite wonderful man I know remarked that the dissolution of the black family was all caused by government welfare, by the funding of single motherhood.  While such policy is destructive and surely exacerbates problems, is it really true that it’s entirely responsible?  If it were true, how could it be that some Hasidic Jews accept the same government assistance but keep their families wholly intact? . . .

. . . To further illustrate the economic-being approach’s folly, let’s apply the standard not to (what should be) our national family, but our actual one.  If you contemplated taking an outsider into your home, would you consider just economics?  Would it matter only that he was going to contribute another $800 monthly to the family budget?  Or would you first consider what beliefs and behaviors he’d bring into your home — how he, for instance, would influence your kids?

It’s likewise with the national family, of course.  Absorb 10 million Muslim jihadists or 10 million Nazis over time, and it will have some political and social effect, whether they’re low-skilled or high-skilled.  Either way, their skill at “being American” will be fatally poor. . . 

. . . the economic-being approach falls flat even in its calculation of economic benefit.  How much will “high-skilled” immigrants improve our economy if, over time, their influence transforms it into a socialist one?  They’ll be coding while wealth is eroding.

All immigration should be halted, given how balkanized we already are.  Yet insofar as we do allow it, the aforementioned again underlines why beliefs must always come first when vetting newcomers.  A nation does not live on bread alone, and what does it profit a land to gain the world but lose its soul?

In truth, it would be better if our immigrants were robots (which, incidentally, are poised to fill many jobs in coming years, a fact underlining why immigration isn’t necessary “because we need workers”).  Robots, after all, really do just perform an economic role and don’t come with beliefs, intellect, and free will (at least not yet).  Immigrants do because they’re human beings.

And it’s a helluva one-two punch: poison the minds of America’s children and import the cadres of clit-clippers and head-choppers who’ll finish off those of us the kids can’t get to.



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  • “No evidence found so far indicates that anti-Semitism motivated the fatal stabbing of a local synagogue leader, law enforcement said on Sunday. Samantha Woll, the 40-year-old president of Isaac Agree Downtown Detroit Synagogue, was found dead outside her home on Saturday morning. (The most heavily Moslem city in America, and no evidence the attack was Jew-hate related? – jjs) Detroit Police Give Update On Fatal Stabbing Of Synagogue Leader




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