We Need More Firebrands Like Marjorie Taylor Greene!

The Democrat/Progressive Cabal has had a virtual lock on fire-breathing representatives and pundits spouting the tenets of their fringe. Nobody bats an eye when Alexandria Donkey-Chompers spouts Maoist nonsense or one of the Dem’s captive talking heads blabbers mostly incoherently about some pie-in-the-sky notion…like the Green New Deal. In fact, it is taken seriously by their fellow travelers in the media, and the refutations of those idiocies are given much less media attention.

Maxine Waters, Juaquin Castro, Ilhan Omar, Hank Johnson…and that’s just the house of representatives! The list is long of Democrat/progressives who say and do outlandish stuff just to see what stays in the public consciousness.

That’s how they push the Overton Window, and while we laugh at the ignorance and illogic of most of their spoutings, they do have an effect on political discourse.

But when — finally — a few on the right emerge and start pushing back against the rapidly encroaching socialist agenda being floated by these useful idiots of the hard left, they are attacked viciously and underhandedly by the media…no surprise there…but also by the establishment Republicans who see them — rightly — as a danger to the status quo and a harbinger of future challenges to their power within the uniparty.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Crazy Like a Fox

Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar in the house (I am suspicious of Madison Cawthorn), Mark Robinson (Lt. Governor of North Carolina) and probably a dozen others are carrying the torch of conservative thought in America. Is everything they say a nugget of pure conservative philosophy? No, of course not, but the media are hell-bent on making them sound like lunatics, regardless of what they actually say and do. Just take a gander at MTG’s wiki page for an incredibly biased and one-sided attack if you are unsure. Add Matt Gaetz to the mix and try to figure out what is truth and what are Democrat talking points to marginalize him.

Do I support everything they say? Nope. But I support their full-throated attacks on the Democrats, the Democrat party, the socialist agenda, the deep state, the corporate-government revolving door, and a host of other things that make our current political structure an existential danger to America as founded and as imagined for generations. As Michael Walsh pointed out in a recent article: The Specter That Haunts America and in a CJN podcast, the Democrat party shouldn’t be legal judging by its behavior beginning before the Civil War! So anyone who attacks it is doing the right and noble thing for our country.