Proportionality…Fairness…Whatever You Want To Call It Rearing Its Ugly And Anti-Semitic Head

Big bad Israel, with its high-tech weaponry and space-age air force and missile subs and satellites is the bully of the Middle East! Those poor, poor Palestinians who just want to go about their business and live in peace are no match for Israel. That’s why they have to resort to decapitating babies and murdering concert-goers and slaughtering grandmothers and taking hostages!

It’s only fair. And when Israel decides that an existential threat on their border is too much to tolerate, they immediately kill too many people and destroy too many buildings!

The big meanies!

Nearly Half of Democrat Men Already Think Israel Has Gone Too Far

After a few days of air strikes, 35% of Democrats think that Israel is doing too much while 46% think it’s about right. 44% of Democrat men think it’s too much while 46% think it’s about right and 8% think it’s too little. Interestingly, 50% of Democrat women think it’s about right, 17% think it’s too little and only 29% think it’s too much.

Admittedly, these numbers are culled from Democrats, whose grasp of reality is tenuous at best. Remember, their leader tells us that Government spending DECREASES inflation.

Anyway, since Israel seems to be going overboard in the defense of their country and people, let’s examine the idea of proportionality and fairness. Not the legal kind…you can hear about that in CJN’s last podcast.

I’m talking about the playground, intuitive, hey! that’s not fair sort of stuff.

There are 15 million Jews in the world, and two billion Muslims. That is a ratio of about 133 to 1. And I use the total Jewish population because Muslim terrorists target Jews across the world, not just Israelis! The ratio of Israeli Jews to Arabs is more like 285 to 1!

But that begs the question…why use the total number of Muslims rather than the number of Palestinians (which is roughly the same as the number of Jews). Because the Palestinian cause is supported by Muslims throughout the world and is also the excuse for Muslim terrorism outside of Israel.

So…1,300 Israelis were murdered over the past weekend. For any sort of parity to be reached, between 173,000 and 370,000 Muslims should be killed. I didn’t say “murdered,” because the deaths of civilians at the hands of the Israeli army is not the goal of the military action, but an unavoidable consequence of Hamas embedding their operations amongst the civilian population. But for true parity that should change. And of course Israel should also murder 5,320 babies in their cribs, decapitating some of them. And rape thousands of women.

You know…for fairness.

The stark reality of the war against Hamas is that if Israel were able to kill every single Hamas terrorist without hurting one innocent, they would. But they can’t because Hamas uses those innocents as shields. There are two options for Israel, and only one is sane. Destroy Hamas while trying to minimize casualties among the larger population…or allow a murderous death cult to survive on its border and prepare another rampage that might kill even more Israelis, destabilize the country, and weaken it sufficiently for a larger and even more destructive terrorist attack on other fronts.

Hamas created the Middle Eastern equivalent of an Einsatzgruppe, which were the Nazi military units tasked with one thing…the destruction of Eastern European Jewry. Should Israel treat them as if they are a standing army fighting under the flag of a sovereign nation, or as a savagely Jew-hating gang of maniacs that have been inculcated with one idea their entire lives…that the life of a Jew means nothing, and taking that life is a good thing? Himmler and Heydrich would be proud of the Pallies!

One comment to “Proportionality…Fairness…Whatever You Want To Call It Rearing Its Ugly And Anti-Semitic Head”
  1. It was a fascinating conversation with Ian Lane on the podcast re: proportionality and the rules of war. Yet, given the nature of the belligerents, I’m at the point of not giving a damn about morality, “rules,” or anything else that my culture and upbringing have inculcated me with.

    At this point, my attitude is no quarter. If they seek my annihilation and that of Jews around the world – to be joined eventually by anyone who they view as an infidel – then wipe them out with extreme prejudice and to hell with rules.

    I regret that it has to come to this, but they’ve sown the wind. And nothing short of them reaping a whirlwind is acceptable to me.

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