The Morning Report 1/26/24

Good morning, kids. While the situation at the border may very well be or at least has the potential to be the black swan event that changes the course of history (for better or God-forbid worse), there is absolutely no doubt that not only is the border catastrophe the central issue of the 2024 election, but that it has sealed the fate of the Democrat-Left at least for this election cycle. That is, if we even have an election cycle. A perfect Rahm Emanuel crisis-not-to-be-wasted is if the TX Rangers and Feds get into a gun battle. And then . . . Hi-chee-wah-wah. 

But first to kick things off, here’s the combination laugh riot/emetic that underscores my assertion. It comes from a glittering jewel of halitosis-tinged idiocy named Jim Himes, an ankle-biting Democrat backbencher from Connecticut:

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSN[SDAP]’s “Katy Tur[d & DD] Reports,” Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) stated that we “cannot have uncontrolled migration across the border. That is not acceptable. We see that here in New York City.” and “uncontrolled migration does put downward pressure on wages,” but this is the one issue Republicans have against [spurious fraud] President Joe Biden.”

Himes began by stating that many Republicans “realized that the border is their one remaining political issue against Joe Biden,” and that’s why they don’t want a border deal.

In terms of the election, we have nothing to really fear from the Democrats. It’s the GOP that is doing everything it can to sabotage Trump and tank 2024 if it can. Not only Trump but try to sabotage GOP candidates, especially MAGA-aligned, in both the Senate and House and hand control of Congress back to the Dems.

Later, host Katy Tur asked, “I was speaking to a black Democrat out of Chicago who said that she’s a Democrat, but she’s going to vote Republican because she feels frustrated, infuriated, in fact, with the way Democrats, she says, are handling the border, and the benefits and the help that migrants are getting, help that she says the black community has been asking for for decades and is consistently told there’s no money for. So, she sees an imbalance there, and I’ve heard that from others in various cities. Do Democrats — what is the Democratic response to that voter who says she’s gone?”

Himes responded, “Well, I’ve been in politics for a little while now, and you hear a lot of that, on a lot of different issues, we hear it on Israel-Gaza, when people get concerned about a particular issue, they say, this is what I’m going to do in the next election. Now, what’s going to happen is that, in November, I think, it looks like this is going to be the case, we’re going to have Donald Trump, with all that he represented for women’s reproductive rights and for chaos and attacks on democracy, and Joe Biden, you saw the numbers today, 3.3% economic growth. The contrast, you’re not choosing perfection, you’re choosing between two people.”

Emphasis mine and is this jag-off for real? Aside from Biden’s intentional destruction our border and immigration controls that pose an existential and immediate threat to our national security, economy and whatever the fuck is left of our way of life despite 100 years of Leftism, according to Himes it’s essentially a desperate nothing-burger of triviality.

And then, he ham-handedly tries to segue first the total bullshit about abortion then the blood-libel of Trump being literally Hitler and complete lie about 3.3% economic growth. That number primarily coming from the governmental sector which includes massive spending on Medicare and Medicaid. That’s growth like cancer is a growth. 

Of course, Katy Tur, with the silent “d” after her name and the screaming DD announcements on your screen, pretended to press him on the “Democratic response” but like all the other good little propagandists on MSNSDAP, her job is just to make him look and sound like the good guy. Newsflash to the Left: it’s not working:

It started as a rumbling in Chicago’s predominantly black neighborhoods on the city’s south and west sides. Black Chicagoans are watching the city spending tens of millions of dollars on newly arrived migrants after years of unmet promises from the Chicago political establishment to black people in the poorest neighborhoods.

“All these people, I have supported every one of them,” Cata Truss, a 57-year-old mother on the West Side, says about Mayor Brandon Johnson and his progressive allies. 

“I was like, ‘Are you freaking kidding me,'” Truss added. She had just found out that the city was going to take over Amundsen Park — what she calls “the crown jewel of the community” — for use by migrants. Chicago prides itself on being a “welcoming city” — just not to black residents.

According to The Free Press, “Chicago has greeted nearly 35,000 new arrivals with resources like laundry services, mental health screenings, and $15,000 in rental support per person — all funds that Truss says could’ve gone a long way in Amundsen Park in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, where nearly 28 percent of residents live below the poverty line.”

Black Chicagoans are no longer trying to hide their resentment. They don’t necessarily resent the migrants, although it’s hard not to when the city is spending extravagantly on them. They resent the black Democratic establishment for allowing the situation to reach a crisis point with little or no input from neighborhood groups, who are the backbone of the Democratic Party in the city.  That’s not the half of it. One of the most Democratic cities in the nation is seeing its black politicians booed by angry residents in neighborhoods. The bottom line is that the crisis is leading a sizable number of black Chicagoans to consider sitting the 2024 election out or even voting for Donald Trump.

This wouldn’t affect the presidential race. Illinois is going to go for Biden no matter what happens with the vote in Chicago, but in statewide races, a falloff in support from black voters could lead to some upsets. And it’s not just Chicago seeing black support dwindle for Democrats. If Donald Trump gets even 15% of the black vote, he wins in a landslide. . . 

. . . “What the Democratic Party doesn’t want black people to hear is that this is a Biden policy,” says J. Darnell Jones, another plaintiff suing the city. “Biden is allowing the borders to remain open.” This resentment that Chicago’s black community manifested is not a permanent realignment — yet. But no voter likes to be taken for granted, and black Democrats are reaching a boiling point.

Psaki-Psircling back to Himes, there is something alarming in his bullshit about how the GOP doesn’t want to cut a deal on the border. At least the seemingly more rational, pro-American non-RINO scumbag traitors and leftist flunkies of the party. 

Not to beat a dead donkey, but this issue is not just political/electoral dynamite but it can be the opportunity to finally put a major dent in the traditional minority bloc blind support of the Democrats, if not totally cleave them from their political slave-masters. And it’s the fucking GOP-e that is sabotaging this as it has sabotaged anyone who has ever posed a threat to their seat at the moneychangers’ table that is DC.

Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell conceded defeat on additional Ukraine spending Wednesday night after former President Donald Trump’s decisive victory in New Hampshire. Now the Republican Senate chief is blaming Trump, whom he referred to as “the nominee,” for the destruction of an amnesty bill that Democrats cloaked as border security.

“The politics on this have changed,” McConnell told the Republican Senate Conference at a closed-door meeting. “We’re in a quandary.”

McConnell wanted to move forward with a deal cut with Democrats to provide more assistance for Ukraine in exchange for stricter immigration measures as border agents remain overwhelmed between San Diego and the southern tip of Texas. The latest framework for the border, however, would have green-lit Biden’s border crisis with the stamp of congressional approval by allowing millions more migrants to enter the United States without expulsion.

“I think the border is a very important issue for Donald Trump,” Romney said. “The fact that he would communicate to Republican senators and congresspeople that he doesn’t want us to solve the border problem because he wants to blame Biden for it is really appalling.”

But the border bill only promises to exacerbate the current crisis. The proposed expulsion authority included in the bill would only kick in after 5,000 people crossed the border every day. The provision would allow 1.8 million migrants entry every year. According to the House Judiciary Committee, an estimated 1.7 million “known ‘got-aways’” have escaped apprehension by law enforcement since President Joe Biden took office.

Eric Teetsel, the vice president of government relations at the conservative Heritage Foundation, explained on X that the Senate border deal was not “designed to solve the border problem.”

“It’s designed to pass the Senate,” Teetsel wrote. “It’s designed that way because it’s tied to the money for Ukraine, which is the actual priority for those involved” . . .

. . . “It’s not that they’re bad at negotiation,” said Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at a press conference Wednesday. “It’s that they want this outcome and this outcome is terrible for the American people” . . .

. . . Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul complained on “Tucker Carlson Uncensored” that GOP Senate leadership was more interested in securing the border of Ukraine than the United States. “Half of my Republican caucus is, as we speak, ready to sell out, and they’re ready to sell out fake border reform in exchange for what they really want, which is to send more of your tax dollars to Ukraine,” Paul said.

Before my eyeballs shoot out of my head like champagne corks, let is compare and contrast what this filthy criminal spouted with that of the other filthy criminal across the aisle:

Jim Himes: . . . many Republicans “realized that the border is their one remaining political issue against Joe Biden,” and that’s why they don’t want a border deal.

Pee-Air Defecto: “I think the border is a very important issue for Donald Trump,” Romney said. “The fact that he would communicate to Republican senators and congresspeople that he doesn’t want us to solve the border problem because he wants to blame Biden for it is really appalling.”

Two party system, my ass. If I could, I would rip McYertle’s arms from their sockets and beat Romney to death with them. Rhetorically speaking, of course. 

It’s bad enough that they’re still itching to have us go to war with Russia over Ukraine, arguably the worst kleptocracy on the planet that’s already swindled billions from us so as that the Romneys and Pelosis of this country can fatten their stock portfolios. But the $32 trillion dollar question remains:

Why in God’s name are we negotiating with our executioners about the date, time, place and manner of our own demise?!

As we have seen time and time again for at least the past 40 years, on every issue under the sun (global warming pun not intended) the GOP considers bipartisanship as its prime goal. That is, they never challenge the premise or sanity of whatever the Democrats want, but mere the speed and cost at which it is always implemented. And whatever they have wanted is always implemented. They never declare “HELL NO!” let alone “no.”

The only thing that we should be talking about, nay demanding is the sealing of our borders, the ending of the incentivizing to come here legally or otherwise, and the concerted, unceasing non-stop effort to deport every single illegal alien who is already here, regardless of when they arrived, until every last one of the well over 40 million who are here that we can identify is shipped as far south as the Ross Ice Shelf if necessary or whichever third world shithole they came from.

Short of that, I am not interested in anything the GOP has to say on this. If there is going to be any compromising on this, let the friggin’ Democrats compromise and let them declare to their base of scum and gibbering loons that slowing us down by 5% is a victory, “for the children.”

Meanwhile, should Trump miraculously survive the GOPe and whatever the Dems are going to throw at him, he’s going to run into the same buzz saw of insubordination he encountered his first go round.

he lesson I learned was that even your friends can screw you.  I also learned that people like to create failure for their opposition when they know they are going to lose.  Joe Biden is doing this right now, and what he is doing will most assuredly ail Trump if/when he wins the 2024 election.  Biden knows that Trump has a good shot at winning, so the president is using his time left and deliberately pouring syrup into the engine of the White House.

Within less than eleven months, and if nothing else goes wrong, Trump, as the newly (re-)elected president, will inherit no less than three wars, a flailing economy, a 34-trillion-dollar federal deficit, high crime rates across the country, a broken Southern border that has spilled at least nine million new people into the country without being vetted, and a Deep State that doesn’t want him to succeed.  If that isn’t pancake syrup gutting up an engine, then I don’t know what is. . . 

. . . This is Trump’s reality.  He must not only prepare for the worst, but also be mindful that he is likely surrounded by people who want him to fail.

Trump’s team — his inner circle, if you will — must comprise competent members who truly share his vision of remedial care.  They must be consumed with but one desire: to get the machine running and to root out the impurities.  Javier Milei, the newly elected president of Argentina, has made headlines showing that it is possible to reduce the waste of big government, something Trump did not do in his first term.  He needs to make it a top priority this time around. . . 

. . . The only question is how much the engine has been damaged by President Biden.  America is a resilient country.  I’d like to believe that no one person can do so much damage to a country as great as ours, but gosh darn it if Biden didn’t try like hell.  We don’t yet see the damage under the hood.

History will not be kind to Biden’s legacy, and that is why he becomes more dangerous with each passing day.  Don’t forget that Biden still has his hands on the levers.  Pray he takes more vacations in the coming months and not fewer, and that Trump doesn’t change his mind between now and November.

And that bit about his inner circle is his Achilles Heel. At least it was the last go round. Has he learned his lesson?

If Tim Scott is his pick for veep, as I fear it might be (Lee Zeldin in a bid to get NY is interesting and not at all illogical, if unlikely to garner the shocker) then there’s your answer. Ugh.

Be sure to read and comment on my latest effort over at Taki’s Magazine. It’s a Lieu-Lieu!

Have a great weekend.


  • Daniel Greenfield: “9/11 mastermind gets a plea deal while a racist supermarket shooter gets death.” Biden Puts the DEI in the Death Penalty
  • “New documents strengthen—perhaps conclusively—the lab-leak hypothesis of Covid-19’s origins.” The Story of the Decade
  • “Imagine the mess Trump will have to clean up if he is elected in November. Can he handle the task? . . . This is Trump’s reality. He must not only prepare for the worst, but also be mindful that he is likely surrounded by people who want him to fail.” (He must go scorched earth, roll like Abbott, and purge any insubordination with the most extreme prejudice. Constitution be damned, since it is no more anyway – jjs) Is Biden Poison-Pilling Trump?
  • David Horowitz: “In the end, the stigma ‘white skin privilege’ serves the same purpose for contemporary radicals seeking to re-imagine and transform America according to socialist designs as it did for the Weathermen, who embraced and popularized it. If America is a white supremacist nation, and has been since its inception, then by the very values of equality and tolerance that Americans cherish, America and its institutions are not worth respecting or defending. ‘White skin privilege’ is a racist weapon to dismantle and destroy the nation we have known, loved and prospered in.” White Skin Privilege


  • “If they hold to their position of self-defense, if they protect the nation against invasion, if Biden loses in another appeal, the nation will be better off for their actions. If, however, Biden’s border agents and the troops of the National Guard clash, if Biden attempts to seize Texas’ Guard, or if other states send their National Guards in to help Abbott in his fight to save Texas, America will face her worst enemy: internal strife and conflagration.” What Happens in Texas Will Decide the Fate of the Nation
  • “We stand in solidarity with our fellow Governor, Greg Abbott, and the State of Texas in utilizing every tool and strategy, including razor wire fences, to secure the border. We do it in part because the Biden [junta] is refusing to enforce immigration laws already on the books and is illegally allowing mass parole across America of migrants who entered our country illegally.” 25 Republican Governors Band Together to Support Texas in Its Fight to Secure the Border
  • Douglas Murray: “This is a very serious breakdown in the political system in this country. To have a state governor say that federal law has broken down and that as a result, his state is going to take matters into its own hands is extraordinary. Except that there is a precedent: all those cities and states that also broke away from federal law in recent decades when they declared themselves sanctuary states and cities.. . . People might have condemned ‘sanctuary state’ announcements, but little to nothing was done about them. And it never is. Because in the realm of illegal migration, there is never any price to pay for encouraging it. The true political pressure is only put on people like Abbott, who are trying to enforce the laws of the land.” Biden’s Border Dereliction Forced Gov. Abbott’s Hand, and Caused a National Crisis (Dereliction is actually treason, and it’s a national security crisis – jjs) 
  • The issue with Biden taking control of the National Guard troops that Abbott has deployed is that it would present a possible violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which bars the use of the military for civil law enforcement duties, defense attorney Davis Younts told the DCNF. . . The move would be “injecting politics” into military operations and “the DoD doesn’t really want to get involved in that,” a Pentagon source, who was granted anonymity because they’re not authorized to speak publicly, told the DCNF. It “seems very unlikely” it would happen, said the source. Dems Say Biden Should Seize Control of Texas’ National Guard — But Here’s What They Aren’t Telling You
  • David Harsanyi: “Though, you must marvel at the breathtaking audacity of Democrats suddenly treating the court’s (non-existent) words as if they were sacred text. This very week, [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden again ignored the court, rolling out yet another iteration of his unconstitutional student “loan forgiveness” program. Biden habitually circumvents, ignores, defies, attacks, and demeans SCOTUS — and Democrats cheer him on along the way. Senate leaders and ‘dark money’ fake media organizations like ProPublica have poured millions into delegitimizing and smearing the court to undermine its authority.” Texas Isn’t “Ignoring” the Supreme Court, It’s Upholding the Law
  • “Texas is right. Biden’s failure to secure the border leaves states no choice but to take matters into their own hands. As President, I will end this humanitarian crisis once and for all. I will secure the border and destroy the business model of the drug cartels. A country without borders is not a country at all.” RFK Jr. Stands With Greg Abbott in Battle to Secure the Border
  • Following Tester’s op-ed, [GOP Senate candidate Tim] Sheehy took to social media to blast him for the many occasions in which he refused to close the southern border. “Montana is a northern border state with a southern border problem because, after 18 years in DC, Two-Faced [Tester] has refused to secure the border. We know what to do (President Trump already did it!) but we need strong leaders willing to put America First!” he said. (Sheehy’s right but he’s a RINO stooge. Beware – jjs) Vulnerable Democrat Jon Tester Calls for Border Security After Doing Nothing for Years
  • Aside from it being an existential and immediate threat to our national security, economy and whatever the fuck is left of our way of life despite 100 years of Leftism, it’s totally trivial! – jjs Dem Rep. Himes: “Uncontrolled Migration” that Hurts Wages Is Only Issue GOP Has Against Biden

* * * * *



  • Robert Spencer: “Explaining why all this hadn’t come out before, Saroya said that CAIR ‘spends substantial amounts of donors’ money in order to threaten, intimidate, and sue those who have the courage to speak about CAIR’s culture of discrimination and misogyny.’ Hard to believe? Not in the slightest degree. Saroya’s legal filing contains a great deal more that should worry Awad and company. At last, this sinister gang that traffics so freely in intimidation appears to have encountered someone who refuses to be intimidated. It could mean, at long last, the definitive end of its baneful influence. Could This Finally Be the Downfall of Hamas-Linked CAIR?
  • “Baloch families are demanding justice for their missing loved ones.” Pakistan’s Baloch Policy: Kidnap, Torture, Murder (“Plagiarists!” — Hamas-Amy Schumer – jjs)


  • “Judge Vera donated on numerous occasions to the Biden presidential campaign when he was a principal for Bird Marella PC, a boutique law firm specializing in litigation and white collar defense, according to the FEC records.” (Not a smidgen of conflict, nosirree! – jjs)Judge Presiding Over Hunter Biden’s Lawsuit Against Garret Ziegler Donated to Biden Campaign
  • Jonathan Turley: “With that, Morris was viewed as asserting a type of floating privilege because ‘I am involved in everything. And the same is with Hunter. If you check my retainer agreements, you’ll see that it’s not — it says all matters.’ The statement is both factually accurate and ethically dubious. It seeks sweeping privilege claims despite the layers of different relationships, from loaner to donor to lawyer to producer. If Morris is called to testify in court, this may not fly. The problem is that when you are ‘everything’ to a client, you may end up with nothing when it comes to confidentiality.” Kevin Morris Dodges Hunter Biden Questions as Lawyer — Despite “Sugar Brother” Being “Everything”
  • “Naomi Biden is just doing what any family member would do when someone outside of the clan attacks someone they love and care about. She’s circling the wagons. It’s understandable and I would expect nothing less from someone in her position. However, the truth is just not on her side on this one.” (The family that showers together glowers together. To hell with her; she’s probably up to her neck in the corruption too – jjs) Hunter Biden’s Daughter Comes to Gramps’ Defense, Slams Fox News’ Jesse Watters



  • “The rioters sued the city and the Seattle Police Department (SPD) for injuries they claimed were a result of police actions during the 2020 riots following the death of career criminal George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis.” City of Seattle Hands $10 MILLION to ANTIFA, BLM Rioters (Like Biden giving Iran $10 Billion – jjs)
  • “The rich, as F. Scott Fitzgerald once noted, are different.” The Two Americas


* * * * *


  • [Commie stooge Van Jones’] remarks come amidst [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden’s push to boost support among Black voters. Recent polling numbers indicate a 57 percent disapproval of Biden’s handling of the economy and a 56% disapproval of his efforts to quell inflation. The polling data from Fox News also suggests a substantial decline in [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden’s popularity amongst the Black community — with support declining 25% from 2021 to 2023. Jones also warned that leaders in his political party are ignoring the border crisis to their peril. ” Obama-Era Official Slams Biden Economy’s “Crappy Jobs”
  • “Higher prices and layoffs will accompany the new statewide restaurant mandate, just as they would if Congress accedes to a national minimum wage hike.” California’s Disastrous Minimum Wage Hike Offers a Cautionary Tale to Congress






  • The report itself admits to being entirely based on conjecture, stating: ‘Because to our knowledge no recent reliable state-level data on completed vaginal rapes (forced and/or drug/alcohol–facilitated vaginal penetration) are available, we analyzed multiple data sources to estimate reported and unreported rapes in states with total abortion bans… We also estimated the number of resulting pregnancies based on findings from prior research on rape-related pregnancy rates’. . . The team that authored the report was headed by Samuel L. Dickman, the medical director of Planned Parenthood Montana and an outspoken abortion activist.” (Of course his name is Dickman – jjs) Shock Report Claims 65,000 Rape Pregnancies Since Roe Termination. The Only Problem? It’s a Planned Parenthood-Linked Fabrication.



  • “New York Rep. Grace Meng and California Rep. Judy Chu were among 15 House Democrats who signed onto a letter opposing provisions in an appropriations bill to revive the Department of Justice’s China Initiative. Both Meng and Chu, however, have long-standing relationships with organizations tied to the CCP’s United Front Work Department (UFWD). The House Select Committee on the CCP and the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission have labeled the UFWD as a Chinese influence and intelligence operation.” Dem Reps Who Rubbed Shoulders With Alleged Chinese Intel Front Groups Rip Crackdown on Beijing’s Espionage
  • Social media posts and FTC data reviewed by The National Pulse raise worrying questions about Soifer’s ability to be an impartial judge in the Republican Attorney General’s case. Her Facebook page features a profile picture of herself with Democrat [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden. The 81-year-old Biden also appears to be the namesake for the judge’s pet dog, “Joey Biden.” Ken Paxton’s Texas Judge Has a Dog Called “Joe Biden”
  • Multi-millionaire businessman Tim Sheehy, the Republican establishment’s anointed candidate to challenge Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) in 2024, appears to have built most of his wealth through corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) schemes, government contracts, and investments with companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party. Sheehy is expected to face off against conservative Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) in the state’s Republican Senate primary — where the former Navy Seal’s investments and ‘woke’ business practices will likely draw attention. Montana U.S. Senate Candidate Tim Sheehy Is Hiding Past Support for ESG, Chinese Investments


  • “MAGA Inc.’s fundraising success shows a growing conviction among Republican Party donors that former President Trump will likely be the GOP’s nominee in the upcoming election. This belief has enabled Trump to retain ties with supporters who funded his past campaigns.”Trump Super PAC Hauls Whopping $46 Million
  • “While I greatly appreciate the Republican National Committee (RNC) wanting to make me their PRESUMPTIVE NOMINEE, and while they have far more votes than necessary to do it, I feel, for the sake of PARTY UNITY, that they should NOT go forward with this plan, but that I should do it the “Old Fashioned” way, and finish the process off AT THE BALLOT BOX.” (I think this is a good call, despite Tricky Nikki. Her donors are drying up faster than Helen Thomas’ moldering labia so she’ll be gone after SC – jjs) In Name of Party Unity Trump Advises RNC Not to Declare Him “Presumptive Nominee”
  • “So while I might not be able to understand how anyone could support Haley, it’s bullheaded hubris on the part of the RNC to make stuffy proclamations like this one: ‘WHEREAS, only a fully united and singularly focused Republican party with all leaders fully onboard for victory can defeat the democrats in the most important election of our lifetimes…’ …and then expect Haley voters, having been told to sit down and shut up, to show up on election day. Let Trump coast to victory the way he should, not shut down a process that could cost us votes when we need them most.” You’ll Love the RNC’s Next Big Stupid Way to Lose in 2024
  • “Insulting voters isn’t smart, but talking directly to them about change or options in a positive way on the issues can bear fruit.” (This presupposes self-awareness, humility and intelligence – jjs) The Biden Voters Who Got Us Into This Mess Get a Rare Do-Over in 2024
  • “The desertions represent the beginning of the end for Haley’s ability to remain in the race. Haley was the donor class’s choice candidate to block former President Donald Trump, but after his historic victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, Haley’s financial backers apparently see the writing on the wall.” Report: Megadonors to Drop Tricky Nikki Before South Carolina Primary
  • “The ‘Never Trump’ brigade posture as ‘true conservatives,’ but actually they’re petulant nihilists who would rather let Biden burn the country down than admit they lost a primary.”America Can’t Afford Never Trump’s Nihilism
  • “Republicans should apply principles to methods, decentralizing our infrastructure and investing in real, long-term grassroots strength.” Break Up the GOP Consulting “Blob” Before Another Campaign Bites the Dust
  • “For those who decry Steve Cortes’ commitment to his MAGA Right principles, calling him a ‘grifter,’ they had better look carefully in the mirror.” How Steve Cortes Ended DeSantis’ Campaign – Twice
  • “Why vote for a candidate not even on the ballot?” The Other New Hampshire Primary: No Debates, No Drama, No Biden
  • “Will Donald Trump make the deciding move in Nebraska’s only purple district?” (Don Bacon ain’t kosher – jjs) A RINO in Nebraska Starts Sweating
  • Apparently, the former First Lady-turned-twice failed presidential candidate missed the ‘90s and never learned how to do the dance. But that didn’t stop her from giving it the ol’ college try during a trip to Spain this week, where she shimmied and shook her orthopedic shoes off alongside some dignitaries who, in her defense, looked about as awkward as she did. After all, arthritis does give a new meaning to “pop and lock,” and it’s not one you’re looking for. BEHOLD: Hillary Clinton Tried to Do the Macarena, and Oh Dear Lord


  • “The chaos at yesterday’s Senate Republican Conference meeting shows that making a deal may be even harder than it seems.” (Good – jjs) Senate GOP Meeting Devolved Into “Embarrassing Exhortations” for Ukraine Aid
  • “Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrskyi, who mounted the defense of Kiev, claims deployment of anti-infantry and anti-tank aircraft like the A-10 attack jet could create new opportunities to break through Russian defense lines. He’s also asking the U.S. to send AH-64 Apache, AH-1 Super Cobra, and UH-60 Black Hawk attack helicopters.” (Two choices: 1/72 or 1/48 scales – jjs) Now Ukraine is Demanding America’s A-10 Warthogs

* * * * *

  • Rodríguez Isaac is a 25-year-old Cuban citizen currently serving an eight-year prison sentence at the Guamajal Prison in Santa Clara for having participated in the historic July 2021 wave of anti-communist protests. The Castro regime charged her with public disorder, “disobedience,” and assault for her peaceful display calling for an end to over six decades of communist rule in Cuba. (Look what the charges are against this woman; they read like the charges against the J-6 protesters. And like Cuba, many still are rotting in jail three years later without a trial – jjs) Report: Cuba Prepares Forced Abortion on Political Prisoner Jailed Since 2021 Protests
  • “According to the survey, the French public believes that the green agenda overreach of Brussels has been harming their farming industry, with 78% saying that EU policies have been ‘rather negative’ for the farmers of France. In a bad sign for Emmanuel Macron, his government is seen in an even worse light, with 83% saying that the president does not sufficiently support farmers.” French Peasant Revolt: Nine in Ten Support Farmer Protests Against Globalist Government
  • Doug Bandow: “U.S. politicians’ responsibility is to the American people.” Preparing for the Big One: Should America Battle China Over Taiwan?
  • Robert Zimmerman: “Be warned. This is the future being proposed by this bankrupt Marxist intellectual class. Freedom is bad, private property is bad, and above all, the capitalist western nations coming from Europe that base their societies on these ideals are bad. All must be stopped, before they oppress everyone else with freedom and property rights and the pursuit of happiness.” African Lawfare to Take Control of Space
  • “Charles, who acceded to the throne 16 months ago, was diagnosed with the benign condition on Jan. 17 after going for a check-up because he was experiencing symptoms. He canceled engagements and was urged to rest ahead of the procedure.” The King Formerly Known as “Prince” Admitted to Hospital for Scheduled Prostate Operation (Dr. Buttigieg Confident in Complete Recovery . . . of the Gerbil – jjs)


  • “The 2024 Index of U.S. Military Strength sounds a loud alarm on the decade-long saga of our military’s decline—a perilous path marked by years of overextension, deployments, and a lack of prioritizing defense spending on what is needed to fight and win America’s wars,” Heritage’s Rob Greenway and Dakota Wood said in a statement. “Yet, the chance to restore American military might remains—if we heed the urgency and act decisively.” Report: America’s “Weak” Military is Unable to Juggle Multiple Regional Conflicts at Once






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