Israel War

By most measures, the Iranian attack on Israel was a colossal failure. It demonstrated that Iranian technology is at least one generation behind Israel’s and the West’s, and it also showed how well several Western-armed forces managed a combined military response. There were no friendly-fire incidents…that in itself is impressive.

So what is next? Should Israel send several hundred faster, stealthier cruise missiles into Iran and destroy dozens of its facilities and possibly kill high ranking military officials? That is both possible, and reasonable, since that was the failed goal of Iran’s attack.

Ignoring the idiocy of the brain-dead Biden simulacrum spouting about “take the win,” Israel must respond.

Former [Israel] NSC chief: ‘Don’t attack in Iran, focus on Lebanon and Syria’

“Israel does not need to attack in Iran,” he told Channel 12 News. “There is no reason for it, and it has the potential to become complicated militarily, as well as regionally and with all of our friends — and the achievement will not be significant, regardless.”

That is a fair point, but Israel must respond in the most militarily sensible way, and not be swayed by the simmering Jew-hate of the Biden junta and its obvious goal of an ascendent Iran.