The Morning Report 10/9/23

Good morning, kids. I suppose I should be heartened by a photo I saw of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin lit up with the Israeli flag. Probably because the last time Europe in general had positive attitudes towards Israel was in the wake of the horrific 1972 Munich Olympic massacre. But it’s been steadily downhill ever since. Like most of Europe these days, Germany’s antipathy to the Jewish state is likely attributable, and in proportion to its desire for national suicide by mass immigration from Muslim countries. Of course, even before what is likely an irreversible trend in a complete shift of demographics started, you had well over a thousand years of innate Western anti-Semitism culminating in the years 1933-1945, which has never been totally expunged from the psyche of successive generations of native Europeans. It may no longer be socialism of the “National” variety, but the socialist poison lingers.

Funny how Europeans get all misty and weepy over the six million-plus Jewish victims of the Nazis. Living and breathing Jews finally living freely as Jews in their own land after 2,000 years of Diaspora? Not so much. So here we are, 51 years after Munich, and 80 years after Birkenau and Babi Yar. Lots of “I Stand with Israel” sloganeering on social media and elsewhere (which will last until it’s time to once again change an avatar to support transexuals, Ukraine, Ukrainian transexuals or whatever the daily soap opera dictates). But realist that I am these days, it’s hard for me to believe that this time eyes have been opened and attitudes changed. 

The attitudes of the usual suspects whose pecan-sized reptilian notochords have been thoroughly pickled in blood-libels and propaganda are beyond redemption. Just as the minds of so-called “moderate Muslims” who, while not gunning down, running through or gang-raping women, children and the elderly are nevertheless nodding their heads in approval of what some hideous leftist cvnt described as “decolonization.”

Worst of all, apparently are Jews whose status as coreligionists I view as a tragic accident of birth. The closest thing to Judaism they’ve ever had got snipped off the end of their whatsits’ at 8 days old. That and a bowl of Matzoh ball soup at a woke Passover seder, equating Pharaoh and Egypt with Trump and America. While I have bemoaned the fact that far too many American Jews have sold their birthright for a fake orgasm-inducing pastrami at Katz’s Deli, I deluded myself with the notion that Israeli Jews knowing full well what’s at stake stand unified and ready to defend their nation. After all, “Never Again” means never again, right? How wrong I was on that score.

For a sneak attack of the size Hamas launched against Israel to have happened (5,000 rockets, parachuters, towns infiltrated, Iranian and, possibly, Ukrainian involvement), there must have been an absolutely epic intelligence failure both in Israel and, to the extent the U.S. helps Israel with information, here in America, too. I have two ideas about how that could have happened, both of which are premised on significant problems within the two country’s intelligence services (especially Israel’s). I’ll start with the one that bespeaks actual evil and then get to the more likely one, which reflects human nature.

Some suggest that the Mossad is no longer working with the Israeli government but is, instead, doing whatever it can to undermine it. I’m perfectly ready to believe that. If you’ve been following the news about the reforms Netanyahu wanted to make to an out-of-control leftist judicial system in Israel, you know that many in the military and the Mossad were against Bibi’s actions. We’ve already seen in America that Deep State members cease to feel loyalty to their country as a whole and, instead, will use their government positions solely to advance one political party over the other.

Thus, it’s possible that anti-government personnel in Israel and anti-Israel personnel in the State Department in America (the ones who maybe could have helped prevent the attack) didn’t pay too much attention to chatter about a Hamas attack. They may have thought it would be like others before, with a little death here and a little death there. That would be enough to harm Netanyahu’s government without seriously harming Israel. . . 

. . . That’s a very scary idea. But here’s something that’s just as disturbing: Nobody caught what was about to happen because of institutional incompetence. Whether at home or abroad, our “intelligence” types may no longer be that intelligent. . . I’d prefer to believe in entropy over evil. Both would have exposed Israel to the events that occurred, but entropy can be fixed now that fear is again resurgent. Evil is a corrosive rot that is almost impossible to root out.

Ho Lee Fook, bubbie.

One of the oldest rules in American gangland was formulated by Murray “the Camel” Humphreys of the Capone mob in Chicago: “If you ever have to cock a gun in a man’s face, kill him. If you walk away without killing him after doing that, he’ll kill you the next day.” The Israelis could have, and should have, finished the Iran-adjacent Hamas terrorist organization when they had the chance, but of course they did not, and this is the result. 

Now reality bites. Hamas — the indirect recipient of part of the $6 billion in Iranian fund recently unfrozen by the ghastly Biden administration as part of a prisoner-swap deal — remains as dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state (about a fifth of whose citizens are Arabs) as ever and have a rocked an always-contentious nation (a sizable proportion of the population of which doesn’t even believe it should exist and don’t serve in the nation’s armed forces) back on its heels with the latest coordinated attacks across the border. Israel must fight, of course, and thanks to its client-state relationship with the U.S. it will have the wherewithal to do it, at least for a while. Indeed, warships and planes are already on their way. . . 

. . . The left in Israel has been gunning for Netanyahu for years via lawfare and its opposition to his proposal to reform Israel’s supreme court. Perhaps if the country had spent more time and attention on the threats to its existence in its own back yard instead of arguing about petty politics its officials might not have been asleep at the switch Saturday, but here we are. No matter what happens, this is likely to be the end of Bibi and his spit-and-baling-wire political coalition, and will crack open even more the fissures in Israeli society. Indeed, the attack is being called “Israel’s 9/11” and illustrates the folly of not finishing one’s enemies given the chance . . .

. . . The cries are already coming for some sort of American involvement, especially considering the number of Israelis with dual passports, but that would be unwise; with the Ukraine mess still reeking from the bottomless stink of the Midget and his unaccountable hold over much of the western world in a cause he can only lose (but surely is privately profiting from), the last thing America needs now is to get involved in another foreign squabble. It can and will be argued that the U.S. has a duty to support its only real ally in the Middle East; it can be equally argued — as Osama bin Laden certainly did — that Israel is little more than the last Crusader state, the medieval County of Tripoli and the Kingdom of Jerusalem redux, and thus a foreign body to be violently expelled from the body of the Islamic ummah.

Friend and friend of the blog Michael Walsh also raises a thorny problem for many of us, myself included. How can those of us who support Israel and perhaps have a desire to render American aid and assistance at the same time decry – and rightly so – wasting tens and perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars as well as American boots on the ground in Ukraine? I think that question deserves a post all its own and its a topic that we will for sure be covering on the next podcast which will hopefully post late today or early tomorrow.

But Walsh also discusses “the folly of not finishing one’s enemies.” Beyond the practical and the political, one must first understand the very nature of the enemy. I can’t speak for Israeli governments past and present, but for sure governments here and in the West have no idea with whom they are dealing. Or likely they do not want to know.

Media analysts are describing the latest attacks as a retaliation for Israel’s supposed desecration of the al-Aqsa Mosque, or for “settlement” activity, and all the usual half-truths, distortions and outright lies that characterize establishment media coverage of Israel. Ultimately, however, this is happening not because of al-Aqsa, or because of any “occupation,” since the “occupation” is a propaganda fiction anyway. It’s happening because of the Islamic imperative to fight Jews.

A hadith says: “Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.” (Sahih Muslim 6985) Read the beginning of the words attributed to Muhammad again: “The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight the Jews and the Muslims would kill them.”

So this is not a hadith about the “last day.” It is a hadith about the conditions under which the “last day” will come about, and how Muslims can bring about the “last day”: by killing Jews. The true believers of Hamas are busy doing it now. . . 

. . . This idea didn’t originate with ISIS. Many Muslim clerics have been saying it for years. According to The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the Middle East Peace Process, Egyptian imam Muhammad Hussein Ya’qoub made the same point back in 2009 when he said: “If the Jews left Palestine to us, would we start loving them? Of course not. We will never love them. Absolutely not. The Jews are infidels—not because I say so, and not because they are killing Muslims, but because Allah said: ‘The Jews say that Uzair is the son of Allah, and the Christians say that Christ is the son of Allah. These are the words from their mouths. They imitate the sayings of the disbelievers before. May Allah fight them. How deluded they are.’ [Qur’an 9:30] It is Allah who said that they are infidels.”

. . . It is because of such views that Palestinian jihadis rape, torture, and murder Israeli civilians and then celebrate having done so. It is the resolute refusal of the Biden regime to acknowledge the Islamic aspect of the conflict that leads it to continue to prescribe the wrong solutions for that conflict, and to pressure Israel when it should be pressuring the Palestinians. Twenty-two years after 9/11, the jihadis’ best friends are in the White House.

There are (as usual!) a number of links from friend and friend of the blog Robert Spencer with his analysis of the situation, from the Islamic perspective on this. As I said above, westerners either do not know or do not want to know what this is all about: a centuries-long totalitarian movement to conquer and subjugate the world. The irony of course, is that this is the exact goal of the godless heathens of globalism and socialism. In fact, take away the fancy calligraphy, interesting geometric design motifs and the trappings of religion, Islam and totalitarian socialism are about as close as Bro-fo Omar and her bro whom she fo (poetic license since the bro is a neck-slicing joy-buzzer-clipping savage as she is).

When 9/11 happened and Dubya declared we are not at war with Islam, and that it was a religion of peace, but that we were at war with “Terror,” we were fucked right then and there. Or that what happened that day was a culmination of what had been brewing at least in the previous decade. In the grand scheme of things, it had been brewing since the Muslim hordes were stopped at the gates of Vienna in the early 17th century and then when the Ottoman empire fell at the end of the First World War. 

But they never stopped. As civilization advanced and passed them by – that being a debatable notion when you look around at the state of western culture these days – they remained in the 7th century. They cannot “reform.” They will not reform. This is a generational struggle that now has an army of over one billion members and growing fast.

The only way we could have won in Afghanistan and Iraq – that we should have won in Afghanistan and Iraq was to not even invade. We should have nuke Qom and Medina and made the announcement, “The next time you do something like that, Mecca gets taken off the map.”

Then again, in the wake of invading the aforementioned, we should have mercilessly and violently conquered the nation, imposed unforgiving martial law and de-Nazified the populace. I.E. de-Islamified the populace. Of course, we all know what happened.

But this is what Israel will have to do. I don’t think it has the will to do so. Just like us.


  • Michael Walsh: One of the oldest rules in American gangland was formulated by Murray “the Camel” Humphreys of the Capone mob in Chicago: “If you ever have to cock a gun in a man’s face, kill him. If you walk away without killing him after doing that, he’ll kill you the next day.” The Israelis could have, and should have, finished the Iran-adjacent Hamas terrorist organization when they had the chance, but of course they did not, and this is the result.  Reality Bites
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